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Front Arm Suspension Set xpower Mini-Z

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XP-AWD-FASS-K  X-Power Mini-z Tuning passend für Kyosho Mini-z AWD MA-010, MA-015... mehr
Produktinformationen "Front Arm Suspension Set xpower Mini-Z"

XP-AWD-FASS-K  X-Power Mini-z Tuning

passend für Kyosho Mini-z AWD MA-010, MA-015


Ein revolutionäres Produkt von X-Power für die AWD Vorderradaufhängung!!!

(Front-Knuckles sind nicht mit im Lieferumfang)

Main Features
- This is our innovative AWD parts in 2013. It is designed to improve the performance during a turn.
- Revolutionary Design - a camber system is involved in this front arm suspension set. In the course of a turn, such system can both bring down and move inward the upper arms, With the result of that, the top of the front wheels will slant toward the centre of the car and that provides the most suitable camber gain for the turn. Therefore, it can highly improve the smoothness and stability for normal crooked track and users can even use a lateral acceleration while their car has such camber and steer angle. Users can also find an obvious difference concerning some S-shaped crooked turns, not to mention some very curved and difficult ones.
- Cost Saving - For its spring set , it is also compatible with Kyosho and most of other major third- parties.
- More Compatibility - Users can choose Kysoho plastic knuckles or other major third- parties metallic ones to match their personal requirement. (We highly recommend to use our front knuckles to fit the size Product No.: XP-AWD-SK1.5)
- Easy for installation - after cutting the both side of the bottom case, this parts can be installed in a very easy and quick way.
- Made of Aluminum 7075-T6; an extremely hard-wearing material that can be used for years.


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