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Sender EX6R Mini-z

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  • 82031
  • Neuheit 2017!
Kyosho 82031 EX6R MINI-Z Fernsteuerung 2.4GHZ High-end multifunction transmitter with... mehr
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Kyosho 82031

EX6R MINI-Z Fernsteuerung 2.4GHZ

High-end multifunction transmitter with vastly improved throttle and steering feel carries the “R” name as the fastest in MINI-Z history.

Kyosho’s high-end Syncro EX-6 transmitter utilizing the innovative MHS (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread) 2.4GHz system that combines both Frequency Hopping (FH-SS) and Direct Sequence (DS-SS) spread spectrum has evolved with the fastest multifunctional transmitter in MINI-Z history into the new “R” version. While the improved interference resistance and stability of the MHS 2.4GHz system represents a significant evolution from the ASF 2.4GHz and FHS 2.4GHz systems, the greatest benefits are due to the high-speed processing and communication that realizes greater linear control feel, enabling the machine to be maneuvered exactly as intended along optimal running lines. In addition, the EX-6R features a newly designed throttle with revised length, shape, operating angle and sensor for greater direct feel as well as a new softer steering spring for greater sensitivity to realize superior driving performance. Incorporating the fastest control system in MINI-Z history, the MHS 2.4GHz system transmitter is a must-have item for racers looking for significant improvements in lap times.

●High-end multifunction transmitter incorporates MHS 2.4GHz system for the fastest processing speed in MINI-Z history and vastly improved operability.
●Backward compatibility allows switching between MHS and ASF 2.4GHz systems.
●Features the broad functionality expected of a high-end transmitter.
●Features 2.7inch LCD. Screen display can be switched between English and Japanese.
●Throttle and steering spring tension can be adjusted.


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